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Canada Bulk Windshield Washer Fluid Transport Company
Bulk Engine Coolant BULK COOLANT windshield washer Drops BULK WASHER FLUID

Bulk Windshield Washer Fluid

Ultraclear manufactures quality bulk windshield washer fluid and supplies this product with our bulk refill program. This product is formulated for maximum performance in all vehicle dispensing systems and is made with the highest quality surfactants for superior dirt & road film removal.  

Ultraclear All Season bulk windshield washer fluid is made with corrosion inhibitors to extend pump and component life. These same inhibitors and detergent additives act as degreasing agents. This helps to cut oily film and remove grime splashed from road surfaces and vehicle traffic. An antifreeze mixture rated at -40°C keeps our bulk windshield washer fluid liquid from freezing within the reservoir, tubing or mechanical components.

For outstanding durability and confidence all windshield washer fluid manufactured is rated at -40°C throughout the year. We do not modify our formula during the summer months. Ultra Clear products and services are reliable and used in our clients vehicles throughout our distribution network nationwide.

NOTE: In extreme colder weather, it is still recommended heating the windshield (by running the vehicle with the windshield Defrost on) to prevent the liquid from hazing on the windshield.

From farming to transport and everything in between, together we can help reduce our carbon footprint with our on-site refills. If you require diesel exhaust fluid, engine antifreeze, and/or windshield washer fluid in bulk, let’s talk! Start saving time, money and the environment by getting started with Ultraclear today!


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