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Canada Bulk Windshield Washer Fluid Transport Company
Bulk Engine Coolant BULK COOLANT windshield washer Drops BULK WASHER FLUID

Ultraclear Environmental Commitment

Ultraclear is committed to reducing our global carbon footprint in many ways. Each and every year hundreds of thousands of jugs and containers end up in our landfills. These non biodegradable bottles and packages consume valuable resources to produce as well as create harmful by-products.  

We are proud to boast as a direct impact of our on-site bulk refill program, Ultraclear estimates a reduction in nationwide plastic jug distribution of over 4 million units since the company’s inception.

As a global community we must reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere for the health of the planet. Currently, the atmosphere’s carbon level sits at a dangerous 391ppm. Ultraclear is a proud supporter of many groups including 350.org all working towards reducing our carbon surplus to an acceptable 350ppm (part per million).

Our newest fleet runs on diesel exhaust fluid and we are committed to only adding the most environmentally friendly equipment available going forward.

From farming to transport and everything in between, together we can help reduce our carbon footprint with our on-site refills. If you require engine antifreeze, and/or windshield washer fluid in bulk, let’s talk! Start saving time, money and the environment by getting started with Ultraclear today!


Bulk Fluid and Liquid Transport Company