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Canada Bulk Windshield Washer Fluid Transport Company
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ON-SITE Bulk Refill Program – How it works 

NOTE: Beware when shopping for a “Bulk” solution, many bulk suppliers participate in tote swap programs. WE are NOT a tote swap program. We do NOT require your dock space, use of a forklift, time to drain existing containers or space to warehouse additional containers. if you are not ready to be “swapped”. All our delivery trucks come equipped with 75 feet of dispensing hose for quick and easy access and refill.   

Our ON-SITE BULK REFILL PROGRAM is simple, convenient and reliable.


In this phase you will speak directly with an Ultraclear account representative who will discuss with you your potential requirements. Through an understanding of your facility and particular application(s) we will determine what product(s) and equipment options best suit your needs.


It will be important to determine the best suited location for your new “bulk supply station” to be situated. Some factors to help determine this may be staff access, safety, temperature and power supply. If you require a site evaluation/inspection from your account manager that can be easily arranged.


Your selected equipment will first arrive to be set up in your desired location followed with product delivery a few days later.


Now that your equipment is in place and your product has been delivered, we’ll show you how it all works on-site, if required.  Although we provide virtually a “plug and play” system, we are available to review operation and handling, at your convenience. 


Depending on your particular usage and consumption we will need to determine a convenient refill schedule. If you do not wish to set a refill schedule at this point – no problem. Simply pick up the phone or order online and we will be sure to accommodate.

Contact us for any further information or click here to get started today with Ultra Clear’s ON-SITE BULK REFILL PROGRAM.

Bulk Fluid and Liquid Transport Company