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Canada Bulk Windshield Washer Fluid Transport Company
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David R. Watman - Ultraclear President & CEO

Career Biography:
David R. Watman

    President & CEO
    Ultraclear Engine Fluids Inc.
    Ultraclear Western Canada Inc.
    EnviRefill Systems Inc.

"What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve" – Napoleon Hill

One must empower themselves to succeed. “It does not matter where you start as long as you remain absolutely committed to your ultimate goal” – David R. Watman. David is the youngest of 5 brothers raised in Toronto’s East York area. His father Harold was a career Bell Canada employee who always preached self development. David’s humble roots combined with the encouragement from his father gave him the drive to succeed in a sales career.

David began his career as a ZEP chemical salesman selling soaps and other cleaning products in 1982. In a relatively short time David established an impressive and loyal client base in the Greater Toronto Area. While servicing these clients David realized the potential for a golden opportunity.  David approached one of his clients with his vision to further enhance the service he was already providing. David's idea would not only help revolutionize the fleet management sector, but it would also substantially increase sales of the ZEP product line. His concept was to offer an on-site mobile wash service specializing in large fleet vehicles. This ground breaking idea, along with David's dedication to providing outstanding customer service, began to quickly gain momentum.

David’s success meant that he was able to quickly grow his own company from the ground up. Within a few months he purchased his first cube van and installed tanks, a water heater and a high powered hand held spray unit. Seaspray Systems was born. David’s loyal client base embraced Seaspray Systems. David's new company very quickly became one of ZEP’s largest clients. Eventually, David's new company parted ways with ZEP to concentrate efforts on the next iteration of Seaspray Systems.

David renamed his company Watman Mobile Wash bringing his truck washing service to the client. He secured contracts with some of the largest fleets in Canada like Coca Cola, Laidlaw, TTC and Miller Transit. His company washed over 300 trucks, buses, tractors and trailers every night. David soon purchased a large facility and converted it to accommodate large tractors and other trucks on a no-appointment drive thru basis providing an opportunity for owner operators to have their trucks cleaned, both inside and out at their convenience. Such was the demand for these services that Watman Mobile Wash regularly had trucks lined up down the block.

In 1995 David heard of a company that was trying to sell bulk windshield washer fluid to other companies. However, there was no apparent focus on customer service. David knew excellent customer service was one of his greatest strengths. Always the visionary, David saw the potential in this venture to succeed as a business while helping to reduce his company's carbon footprint on the environment by selling windshield washer fluid in bulk. He knew he could eliminate the need for thousands of plastic jugs by providing an on-site bulk refill program.

David used a cube van with washer fluid purchased in bulk housed in a large tank and started deliveries. His focus was on reliable service, making sure his clients always had enough WWF on site for their new car dealerships, fast lube companies, service and repair shops and customers.  As his client base grew new tanker trucks with  dispensing hoses and were purchased. Eventually David started manufacturing his own washer fluid at his own blending facility. This enabled his team to produce a superior product while expediting customer deliveries. Major trucking companies all welcomed the on-site bulk refill program.

Next, David purchased Ultraclair in Montreal where he set up a similar operation leveraging the success of his national accounts with GM, Ford, and CoAuto.  

In early 2009, Ultraclear Western Canada was formed with the purchase of a company with blending facilities in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, again using the same successful model as Ultraclear Toronto and Ultraclair Montreal.

Early in 2011 following the viewing of "The Dragon’s Den" TV show featuring a vending machine for refilling washer fluid bags, David saw further potential for almost completely eliminating plastic jugs in landfills.  In July 2011 EnviRefill was purchased and added to the Ultraclear group of companies.   

“Ultraclear will not only continue to produce quality products and outstanding customer service to our clients, but we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint on the environment and helping others do the same. I see a huge potential for the elimination of thousands of plastic jugs as the public embraces the ability to refill their engine fluids at a lower cost through our refill programs at dealerships and other locations across the country.”– David R. Watman

To learn more about the environmental commitment and carbon reduction movements Ultraclear is associated with click here.


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